All You Need To Know About Posting Ads Legally  On the New Craigslist™
as as the core marketing concept.


"Discover the in's and out's of phone verified accounts (PVA's), Which Categories are best to post in and more... "

A one-time, one year membership purchase entitles you to 30 Days Free 1-on-1 consultations with Mark Gabel, marketing expert online advertising.  This is a $150 per hour value if purchased separately.  This alone is worth quadruple the price.  This bonus is a limited time offer and can be withdrawn at any time. So you don't forget, order today.                                                   Order here

From the desk of Mark Gabel:

ow would you like to increase your sales results without spending an additional nickel?  You can, you know,  and I'm going to show you just how to do that today!  I'm used to making thousands of dollars each week using unique and unknown- to the general public-techniques on Craigslist™.

If this has gained your attention you owe it to yourself to read on...

It's the most powerful marketing tool in the history of the Internet.  It happens to be listed among the top 10 ranking of websites on the planet and gets about 10 to 12 billions - yes I said BILLIONS - of page views each month.  And here's the best part;  you can take advantage of this stupendous opportunity and boost your business beyond your wildest imagination-almost immediately. 

Experience Counts For You

I've been marketing products and services on the internet  for 12 years and in that time I have found some amazing new  legal and responsible ways to sell any product or service.  Now I am offering this knowledge and show you how to apply it to the biggest classified sit called Craigslist™.

I'm excited about sharing these new secret methods with you today.  While many of them are new, others are unique with new twists that take you to new sales levels. If followed closely, they are sure to put you ahead of your competitors in record time.

Not A Take Your Money & Run Program
This is NOT one of those "take your money and run" programs that are so prevalent on the Internet, rather this is a powerful complete package that will put you on the right road- and it gives your more than others are charging hundreds of dollars for.

Cutting Edge
Our program is always on the cutting edge... we keep an eye on Craigslist™ for you so you and alert you to any changes in posting policies etc.  It all helps you become more efficient.  

As an example, recently when Craigslist™ required phone verified accounts my  subscribers were informed within 12 hours and within 72 hours I had a legitimate solution in place and ready to go.    

Mark Gabel

P.S. Recently posting has become a nightmare for most people.  I've worked and researched posting ads on Craigslist™ for the past 4 years.  You'll now have the benefit of my vast knowledge to post your ads and make your business grow.

A word to the wise- you can stay where you are - floundering around in a sea of outdated marketing techniques buying this or that and failing at all of it - OR you can propel your sales efforts to a whole new level armed with new-generation information using ads to do it! 
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iscover - the secrets of Phone Verified and Re-verified Accounts and where to get them as well what it means when you're suddenly required to have one for an account you've been using for a while.
o  you have problems finding your ads? Do they seem to disappear?  Where are they?  Learn the real secret.
re your ads getting Ghosted?  
Learn why your ads don't "stick" and how to make them "stick."  Learn why ads show green and aren't being posted and how to deal with changes that will affect your bottom line leads and sales. Get it here
ideo Vaults - easy to follow are yours to view at any time.  Keep up with the newest marketing techniques as well as the rapid changes made on Craigslist™.org.  This is the easiest way to stay on top of things. Get it here
utomatic posters?
Special webinars are held and videos are offered on automatic ad posting software.  You'll never be at a loss for information to start your ad projects.
rite Ads That Really "Pull"
So you're not a copywriter, so what?  So you don't know how to write an ad that "pulls"? Discover the "5 Emotional Triggers that push people to buy your product.  Get it here

ow To Get Your Ad Clicked BEFORE Your Competitor's
Many who consider advertising on Craigslist™.org are apprehensive, thinking that the competition is too great.  Many have given up because of this. Too much competition isn't a problem.  "Craigslist™ Secrets Revealed" will show you how to get your ad clicked on and leave your competitors in the dust. Get it here

ell anything from hard to soft goods including things around your house. If you're an affiliate of a company you'll learn how to use Craigslist™.org to sell more of what you're selling now.  If you're a drop shipping partner you'll learn how easy it is to increase your traffic/conversion/sales after reading "Craigslist™ Secrets Revealed."  Get it here
hat not to put in your ads.  Posting on Craigslist™ is sometimes a mystery.  Learn what to include your ads, subject lines to convert your ad into sales.

rive Massive Traffic To You!
Get traffic to any website, Blog, affiliate page or forum using "Craigslist™ Secrets Revealed."  It's no secret, most products and services will sell on the internet.. IF you can get people to read what you have to say. Get it here

ecrets Revealed private blog - keep up with all the latest Craigslist™ changes as they happen.  Mark is the first with the latest information and solutions in this essential blog packed with information that is not available elsewhere.

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 The Talk On The Street

 HI Mark

I've been looking to get involved with CraigList for some time now. I have to give you an extreme thank you. After just one hour on the phone with me and you have completely opened my mind. It would have taken me at least six months and countless hours to learn what you taught me today. I cannot say how valuable that time is to me. This was money well spent. YOu certainly are a CraigList expert.
Greg Cesar


 The Talk On The Street

I was introduced to Craigslist™ Secrets Revealed back in August 2007. Since then I've been regular attendee of the content rich online seminars conducted by Mark Gabel. Implementing Marks techniques and recommended tools has been instrumental in my business success using Craigs List. Simply put.. Outstanding!   Thanks Mark.
Bob Hirsch 
Austin, Texas 



The Talk On The Street

Craigslist™ Secrets Revealed Is Awesome!!

Mark Gabel Will teach you how to properly post ads consistently on Craigslist™ and answer any questions you may have. The Webinars For Beginners are Priceless...  Well - Well Worth It!

Scott Arlington, 


The Talk On The Street

Hi Mark,

Craigslist™ Secrets Revealed has taken my Craigslist™ business to a new level. Thanks, Mark. You've helped my business immensely! 

Tom Hathaway, El Cajon, CA



The Talk On The Street


"Purchasing Craigslist™ Secrets Revealed" was one of the best business decisions I've made.  Unlike so many other 'me too'  books on the Internet that have no substance, Mark Gable's book is filled with techniques that I could actually use.  I would recommend this excellent book to anyone who is serious about marketing on the Internet!"

Don Gillette, President, Miami, Florida
First American Payment Systems 


The Talk On The Street

Wow - This has got to be the best Value on the internet for information on how to Make Real Money. The system in incredible - I don't know what I'd do without it. The training and support is like Nothing I've seen...Amazing really - I'm so impressed with the dedication Mark has for really helping people to succeed. I appreciate it so much.

My husband Bob and I say a true heart felt...THANK YOU! (We like making money)  

     Carole Gardner


The Talk On The Street

I receive a lot of "Make Money On The Internet" mail, as we all do. I began manually posting ads for my mortgage company to Craigslist™, then bought software to automate that cumbersome and tedious process. I had initial success, then discovered that NONE of my ads were going live. I attended a couple of Mark's webinars, then paid for one--and $20 was a lot less than I would have expected--and got some important knowledge that helped me get ads visible again. His blog has been extremely useful, and his willingness to respond and help by phone and e-mail is refreshing--and highly unusual. I consider the very small amount he charges for his software, webinars and advice to be an excellent investment

Joe Parsons

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Hundreds of articles on all the tricks/tips and updates on CL happenings to keep you up to speed so you can get your ads posted, read and get results.


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New follow up techniques for "back end" selling

How to post image ads in non-image categories.

 How to use a clever but innocent-looking response boosting tricks in your subject line copy.

How to use simple, yet overlooked techniques to multiply your responses and get your subject line read in the sea of competitors.

How post pulling ads in a new and more efficient manner.

Learn why and how to change your IP address

Discover the truth about multiple email addresses.

Ad posting categories - which categories are best for your ads and most effective.

Learn how to protect your ad against flaggers.

Discover Grandma posting and how it can help you.

Learn the tricks of zone posting.

Discover the Live Monitoring System and how to use it.

Learn how to maximize free advertising to your advantage.

The closely guarded ad secret -  how to to place ads that "stick" for more than 48 hours.

How to generate tons free leads on Craigslist™.

How to increase results by as much as 500% using current standard methods.
How to effectively place ads on Craigslist™ using AdSense.

Find customers that want to buy from you now!

Discover methods of follow up in addition to normal channels.

here's More...
This is not your ordinary, boring, waste-of-time e-book package.  This is the ultimate tool for increasing your posting success.  No matter if you're a business professional, a home based business, selling ANY product or service this will increase your sales and do it in record time.

days free phone consultations for assistance with your Craigslist™ marketing efforts.  Call toll free and get answers to all of your questions.  Perfect for training your down line to be successful with free Craigslist™ ads.*

No where else can you get this type of support!  The only complete package of it's kind anywhere!  Purchased alone, this is a $150 per hour value. 

log Access for 1 year
You not only get my new e-Book that is currently being applauded as the Internet's best seller, you'll get 1 year full access to my "Craigslist™ Secrets" private blog for vital, on-going posting updates. 
IMPORTANT: Because Craigslist™ changes posting rules without prior announcement it's important to know how to stay abreast and get your ads to post successfully. I monitor on a daily basis and post my findings on a daily basis.  Not only that, you will be able to take advantage of new and proven marketing techniques as I after they have been tested. 

ottom line  Craigslist™ Secrets Revealed is the best selling package for posting ads for any business product or service on Craigslist™.  If you're posting classified ads you definitely need this.


Why fend for yourself in this ever changing site.  Learn from the experience of an expert.  You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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    Six months free subscription to learn what you need to know to leverage Twitter for your business.   

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  • "Think & Grow Rich" -  $67 Value
      by Napoleon Hill

    The ultimate Bible on how to really make money the right way.  Written by Napoleon Hill, this book should be in every business person's library.  As part of his research, Hill interviewed many of the most famous people of the time, including Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, George Eastman, Henry Ford, Elmer Gates, John D. Rockefeller, Charles M. Schwab, F. W. Woolworth, William Wrigley Jr., John Wanamaker, William Jennings Bryan, Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Charles Allen Ward and Jennings Randolph.

  • Craigslist™  Private Blog With Video Tutorials
    Get one full year of free access to my Craigslist™ blog.  Stay abreast of the changes on Craigslist™.org with my new private Blog.  There you'll be treated to wealth of specialized information including timely articles and videos outlining ways to make your posts more lucrative.  This is a $239.40 value and it's yours free for 1 full year with purchase.               

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Weekly Webinars packed full of current information to assist you in your CL postings. 

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"Craigslist™ Secrets Revealed"

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The Secrets Blog 30 free coaching

 by Mark Gabel

This package, complete with accompanying private Blog and videos, guides you through Craigslist™ system to increase any business or create a new one. Using exciting, new methods and updated techniques that can potentially drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to any website,  you can increase your conversions/sales almost instantly.

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No matter what product or service you market, sell or are affiliated with you will learn how to write ads.  You'll learn what makes up a good ad.  You'll learn how your ad can get opened before your competitor's. You'll find out how to avoid getting your ad flagged and what the dreaded Green Ghost is all about-plus much more!  Get it here

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"Craigslist™ Secrets Revealed"
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